Problems, solved

From £5,000 to £5 million, we measure every project by results.

Whether you need us to run some cable or integrate a complex instrumentation system, we take the same approach: solve the problem and take away the pain for our clients.

First, we listen
Experience and technical excellence come as standard when you choose to work with NES. However, we go further than the limits of what we know and what we’ve worked on. We listen.

That means discovering what really matters to you – as well as tapping into the knowledge of our team and our partners. So, when we come back with the answer, you know it’s going to work – and work well.

But listening means so much more – it means seeing the project from your perspective, and always putting your commercial needs first. If there’s a simpler, better and more cost-effective way of doing things, that’s the one we’ll recommend.

Site safety, the NES way
These days, you expect all your contractors to have robust, audited processes.

For us though, safety is about building a culture – not just a system. That’s why we have our own in-house safety manager. It’s also why we’ve make a significant investment in safety training.

Robust processes
Our management systems are accredited to ISO 9001 – an extra layer of reassurance on top of the experience we bring to every project.

Clients choose to work with us. Again and again.
The small jobs that just need doing. The huge projects that will define your business for decades to come. Both matter to us – we’re chasing a good result and a long-term relationship, not the biggest margin we can find.

We’re also just as happy working directly with clients as we are partnering with some of the UK’s leading contractors.