Case Study - Industrial

Bairds Malt HV

Bairds Malt – HV cabling upgrade for a major Scottish maltser

Bairds Malt supplies high quality malt products to the global brewing and distilling industries. Their Inverness plant operates 24/7 to provide high quality malt for the local Scotch whisky industry.

The client need

Bairds Malt asked us to replace their high voltage system with three new transformers. The existing 11kV distribution cabling had reached the end of its working life. Any failure would have caused a major power outage, with significant loss of production and revenues.

The NES response

We replaced all three 11kV circuits – from the existing incoming switch room to the site distribution transformers. This meant new high voltage cabling and ladder rack containment from the main substation to the secondary substation. It also meant the supply, installation and termination of new circuit breakers and contactors.

Bairds also asked us to work on the 3.3kV switchgear for the kiln fans. We built and installed a new operator panel in the control room. This new automatic and remote controlled switchgear now allows operators to start and stop the kiln fans without leaving the control room.

The client benefits

The job went well and our customer was delighted with our performance. We successfully swapped over the new cabling in an agreed 12-hour shutdown period, with no other interruption to production.

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