Case Study -


Glendullan – harnessing distillery by-products to create renewable energy

As part of Diageo’s £100 million renewable energy investment plan for its distilleries, Glendullan was to get a new on-site bio energy plant. Designed and built by Clearfleau, specialists in anaerobic bio-energy plants, the new plant provides a constant source of renewable energy for the distillery and reduces its carbon footprint by 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The client need

Clearfleau asked us to develop the final cabling design for the power and control and instrumentation cabling systems. This was our second time working together.

The NES response

This was a collaborative project where we advised on the final cabling design for the power and control and instrumentation systems. Work began with the design and installation of the ladder rack and cable tray containment systems. We installed power cabling for the whole plant, before developing and installing the ASI network cabling, plus address allocations for all field devices. Latterly, we installed the new plant motor control centre and control sections, and assisted with pre-commissioning of on-site instrumentation.

The client benefits

The distillery now has a fully-operational anaerobic digestion plant which harnesses the potential of the natural raw materials used in the distillation process to generate renewable energy. Glendullan is delighted with the benefits and we are proud to have played our part.