Case Study - Commercial

Lunar - Blast Freezer Upgrade

Lunar – blast freezer upgrade

Lunar Freezing and Cold Storage is based in the fishing ports of Peterhead and Fraserburgh. They supply herring, mackerel and whitefish products from catch to final delivery, worldwide. Lunar’s business is booming, and they needed to double their fish processing capacity at their Fraserburgh quayside facility. They embarked on a major redevelopment project of their refrigeration plant and pelagic packing line operations.

The client need

Lunar contracted us to install all the electrics for their new facility. It was a fast track project that needed to be completed within a four-month timeframe – ready for the start of the fishing season. Halfway through the project, they asked us to install a new production line as well.

The NES response

Throughout the project, we had eight electricians on site, six days a week. As managers for the project it was up to us to plan effectively, and liaise with the other contractors. The electrical installation in the plant was nothing short of immense – on top of the cabling and containment we installed an array of equipment that included pumps, heaters, fans and freezers, compressors and automated packing lines. We also installed the associated switchgear, instrumentation and distribution infrastructure.

The client benefits

The client was delighted with the quality of our work and our unstinting effort to meet the tight deadline. , MD of Lunar, said. “We were delighted with Chris and his team’s commitment, dedication, drive, temperament, planning, delegation, skills and, of course, communication. I can only describe it as amazing. To say that he and his colleagues are a credit to NES is a massive understatement. Very well done lads: we were extremely impressed.”