Case Study - Industrial

Norbord – Fines Recovery Project

Norbord – expanding dust extraction, heating and fire safety systems

Norbord is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products for the construction, DIY and furniture industries. Norbord is always looking at process improvement initiatives, often related to their sustainability objectives. They asked us to help with some changes to their Inverness mill that would reduce the amount of fine dust particles used in the manufacture of the Oriented Strand Board – known in the industry as OSB. This would save costs and produce an even higher quality board.

The client need

First, Norbord wanted to extend dust collection and extraction system in the screener and dryer areas – then they wanted to convert the dust by-product into a heating source for the thermal oil used later in the process. At the same time, Norbord wanted to upgrade the associated fire protection system, and install new energy efficient lighting

The NES response

We have a long-standing relationship with Norbord and are very familiar with the Inverness site. This large project involved significant new containment and cabling for the dust collection and extraction system, plus controls and instrumentation for the associated motor starters in the motor control centre. Additional cabling and junction boxes were needed for the enhanced spark detection system, which we tied into the existing Grecon Fire Control Panel. We also installed a new trace heating system to protect the fire extinguishing system pipework. Lastly, we installed new induction energy efficient light fittings in the whole area. 

The client benefits

This was a challenging project on a very busy 24/7 site with all sorts of potential hazards – including forklift trucks and log lifters. Our rigorous safety standards kept everyone safe. All installation work was completed before Norbord’s annual shutdown – while the system changeovers and commissioning of the new equipment was completed during the downtime.