Case Study - Industrial

Norbord – lighting upgrade

Norbord – improving lighting levels and quality in key manufacturing areas

Norbord is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products for the construction, DIY and furniture industries. Their Inverness plant produces OSB – Oriented Strand Board. Good lighting is vital to the successful manufacture of this popular product.

The client need

Norbord asked us to help them improve the lighting levels for their operational and maintenance teams. This involved improving the level and colour of light around the blenders and conveyors, and in the walkways. It also required some lights to be repositioned, and new lights installed above key items of plant.

The NES response

We worked closely with the maintenance and operational team leaders to carry out a thorough review of the lighting locations. The fittings had to be placed in locations that provided improved visibility for the twice-daily maintenance . New, additional, light fittings were installed where agreed and existing fittings were relocated as appropriate. Norbord operates 24/7 so we carried out as much work as possible during production hours, with the rest during scheduled maintenance periods. 

The client benefits

The carefully selected mix of induction and LED fittings has dramatically improved the overall lighting levels. The maintenance manager is delighted with the improvements, and the ongoing savings in energy and maintenance.