Case Study - Commercial

The Greenhouse – refurbishment

The Green House – power and lighting for a major office refurbishment, with no downtime

The new owners of the Green House office development in Inverness decided to embark on a full refurbishment and upgrade. They’re keen to improve the infrastructure for existing clients, and to attract new ones.

The client need

The Green House owners asked us to fit new lighting and a new power installation. We jumped at the chance.

The NES response

Lots of planning was required as the upgrade had to be phased. It is still ongoing. So we have been very careful not to disrupt tenants. We have made sure any supply or service interruptions took place after hours or at the weekend. 

There was lots of discussion and planning around the final lighting design. We had to offer the right solution to the new owners, and we had to meet the needs of all the existing clients as well. Once everyone was happy, we began removing the existing power and lighting installation. We have been adding new circuits, new distribution boards, and dado trunking. And we have been installing bright and efficient LED lighting throughout the premises. 

The client benefits

Our design proposals have already resulted in significant cost savings, and tenants are delighted with the improvements. We have also worked weekends to keep the project moving forward. Everything has been done safely – always important, but especially as this is a rolling programme, with tenants still in place.